Mr Watson runs well established Foot and Ankle, Medicolegal and Lower Limb Arthroplasty practices from The Rivers Hospital, Holly House and The London Independent. A dedicated Heel Pain Clinic is also available at The Rivers. Mr Watson sees NHS patients via choose and book, private patients covered by health insurance and self funding private patients. Most consultations will start with a referral letter from the GP, but it is also possible to self refer by contacting his secretary Helen Hind.

Please see below for advice from each of his practices on health insurance and self pay:

The Rivers Hospital

If you are looking for local healthcare and want to be sure that you choose the best available, then choosing Premium Care at Rivers Hospital could be for you:

Holly House Hospital

When it comes to your health you deserve the best.
There are three main ways you can access private healthcare at Holly House Private Hospital:

The London Independent

If you have private medical insurance and require treatment or surgery, you should make use of it:

For billing, payment and invoice queries for ongoing or completed care episodes please contact

Doctors Billing Services, PO Box 12192, Harlow CM20 9NG

Tel 01279 311472