It is estimated that people will suffer from long-term heel pain, or ‘plantar fasciitis’, for up to six months prior to seeking professional advice.

However, diagnosing this very common condition early ensures you can be treated fast with Rivers Hospital new dedicated clinic.

In addition to diagnosis, our multi-disciplinary heel clinic provides treatments from a range of experts including Mr Watson, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in foot and ankle surgery. Mr Watson offers surgical interventions for a wide range of foot, ankle and heel problems.

While this service is ideal for individuals suffering or recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, the clinic also offers treatment to those experiencing any type of foot issue, or where other pain relieving methods have been unsuccessful.

Our service

  • Accurate assessment.
  • Advanced diagnostic investigations, including MRI, reviewed by a specialist musculo-skeletal radiologist.
  • Pain management plans tailored to you.
  • Extensive treatment courses.
  • Individual exercise prescription.
  • Onward referral pathway to surgery if required.
  • Rapid recovery and agility restoration.

Your appointment

You can self-refer to this service but will require a referral from your GP if you want to pay with any private health insurance you may have.

To book an appointment please call our Premium Care team on 0843 658 5312